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Feel your body seem to melt as your stress is gently smoothed away. Swedish massage is the classic, feel-good relaxation massage—the one that will quiet your mind as you sigh away tension. While you enjoy the soothing strokes, this massage can also increase the oxygen in your blood, decrease muscle toxins, boost your circulation and even improve your flexibility.

Back Massage



All tied up in knots? Deep, sustained pressure will command those painful tension spots to relax and release. Even if you’ve had aches for ages, deep tissue massage can unlock chronically tight muscles. Many people experience a burst of energy once their old tension is dissolved.

Back Massage

Rolfing® Structural Integration


Rolfing® Structural Integration is a specialized process to help adjust body misalignment. It is delivered through a series
of sessions.

Pricing for Massage Therapy Sessions

1 - 60min Massage $130

1 - 90min Massage $175

2 - 60min Massages $219

2 - 90min Massages $309

4 - 60min Massages $389

4 - 90min Massages $519


Cupping: $20 • CBD: $10 • Heat Therapy: $10

Pricing for Rolfing® Sessions

1-90min Rolfing® Session $225

Rolfing Series (10 Sessions) $1,990

Cancellation Policy: We kindly ask that any changes or cancellations are made within 24 hours before appointment date.

What is Rolfing®?

Injuries, bad posture and pain can cause the body to move in an imbalanced way. Over time, that imbalance can worsen old injuries or even create new ones. Rolfing releases tight fascia that might be causing imbalance or inhibiting free, healthy movement. It can create space around painful joints and allow the body to function naturally and optimally.


Robert J. Cumming, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, B.A.

I’ve been privileged to do structurally-oriented bodywork for over 30 years now. It’s amazing–and the best compliment is when a client leaves my clinic radiating energy and ready to take on life again. 


I am thankful to be a healer, and I have definitely found it to be my calling in life. I would be honored to use my gifts to help you!

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Call or text to book an appointment.

(805) 364-2405

1907 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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